Location Tape – High Stick Carpet Tape and Low Stick Painters Tape

Two tapes in one!
Painters tape on one side, carpet tape on the other.

Perfect for temporarily attaching to existing floors and walls as it saves time and removes cleanly.


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  •    $  TIME IS MONEY  $

    We save you both in restore days and man hours. Next time you put up a sign on location, save yourself the stress of striking that sign and having the original wall come with it. Instead you’ll peel off that sign with ease and spend the rest of your time, killing time at breakfast or lunch. When there’s a night call and you have a ton of flooring to put down, use “The Original Location Tape”  and take an extra long break on us!
  • The Tape That Works!

    Need something to stay up just for the shot? Do you have to pull up the floor to flatten out that rinkle? Hopefully The Original Location Tape was used and it comes up with ease.. Are you a Site Rep for a location and don’t want the various departments to show up and neglect the small details you’re in charge of, make sure they use Location Tape on all your locations..  After all, It is Location Tape!!!
  • Always Ask for “THE ORIGINAL” Location Tape!!
    And be sure to support UNION workers like US!!

    There are many products out there from the many companies that sell them. But a small percentage of those products actually come from the experience of the people who use them daily. If you or your crew ever need a better way to achieve a task thru a new product, Contact The Location Tape Company and we’ll do business. My goal is creating a product line designed by the work force who uses them day in and day out.


Parameters Specifications
Weight 1.03 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 2 in

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