Kupo Wrap & Go Shot Bag 10 lbs

Wrap & Go Shot Bag 10 lbs


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Product Description

Kupo Wrap & Go Shot Bag 10lbs is for stands and booms. It has a non-slip strap to wrap around the stand base or boom. This premium shot bag is made with black cordex textured nylon and a water resistant polyurethane coating on the inside. 2mm size steel balls are encapsulated into the bag making this bag dense to help weigh down stands and offer counterweight to any boom. Loading weight is noted on the Wrap & Go bags.

  • Wrap around light stands tripod bases or hang midway on a stand to offset the weight of something.
  • Great to weight an offset boom arm.
  • Prefilled with 2mm steel balls
  • Marked on the blue label for easy weight identification
  • Limited two-year warranty


Parameters Specifications
Weight 10.27 lbs
Dimensions 18.7 × 3.94 × 2.76 in
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